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Jodrikdrik nan Jodrikdrik ilo Ejmour (Youth to Youth in Health) is dedicated to young people throughout the Marshall Islands. We promote health, culture, and spiritual wellbeing through training, outreach, collaboration, respect, and pride. Our ultimate goal is behavior change for a better quality of life.


Organization History

Youth to Youth in Health was established in 1986 as the promotional arm of the Family Planning Program of the Marshall Islands Ministry of Health and Environment. As envisioned by its founder, Darlene Keju-Johnson, Youth to Youth in Health was originally formed to address the rapid urbanization of the islands. Unique to this program was its focus on youth education and participation, not only in terms of targeting youth to teach them core lessons of family planning, but also utilizing youth in spreading the messages to the community and local schools through peer education. The program gradually expanded to incorporate issues of adolescent sexual and reproductive health (e.g. teenage pregnancy, STIs, HIV/AIDS, and contraceptive use), substance abuse, and suicide. Using a combination of clinical interventions, counseling, peer education, and community health promotion, Youth to Youth in Health has made a tremendous and unprecedented impact on the lives of youth and communities on the islands. 


Youth to Youth in Health is unique in that it is staffed and run almost entirely by Marshallese youth. The energy, commitment, and empathy for their peers that these youths bring to their work are part of what makes the program so successful. YTYIH uses drama, skits, songs, music, and dance promoted via radio program, video productions, and school/outer island/community outreach initiatives to engage Marshallese youth and spread its messages in a creative and entertaining manner. This novel approach to health education has ensured the success of the program in delivering effective programs targeted at Marshallese youth. The success of the program is its youth membership and the program’s ability to tap into their experiences, knowledge, and creativity, to present a variety of programs utilizing these elements. 


Since its establishment, Youth to Youth in Health has proven itself a pioneer in the field of health education and youth empowerment. The organization is well-known among the youth of the Marshall Islands and many acknowledge its positive influence on their behavior and lifestyle. Community leaders and NGOs continue to seek out its innovative outreach programs to engage youth in the often-challenging issues of sexual health and substance abuse. Youth to Youth in Health skits, songs, and dramas are a prominent feature of almost every community event in Majuro and Ebeye. Virtually all of the organization's current staff first became involved as young peer educators, giving Youth to Youth in Health an institutional memory unique in the realm of Marshallese organization.






Todd Mulroy,

Teen Pregnancy Prevention "Project Director"

Kainok Joseph,

Administration and Finance Officer

Rose ean Kabua, 

Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment, Project Manager

Henry Lometo

Yolanie Johnson

Monica P. Kemem

Alik Bolas

Randall Heine

Leimomie Matsumoto

Maxilynn Keton

Luama Bernie

Maika Bajo

Haisa Hiram

Larry Lang

Ambi Elcar

Stanley Kerong

Donica Matauto

Joan Bwijtak

Anfernee Kaminaga

Majuro Hospital Family Planning Hospital Clinic


Ebeye Hospital Family planning Clinic









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