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In 1989, YTYIH became an independent, chartered NGO, after three years as an informal health promotion group that developed as the health promotion arm of the Ministry of Health's Family Planning program. YTYIH maintains a strong working relationship with the the Ministry of Health and Human Services (MOHHS) and the two have maintained memoranda of understanding since the 1990s that provide the foundation of the partnership. The MOHHS is one of YTYIH's strongest supporters, particularly in regards to providing technical and medical expertise and operational support for the YTYIH clinic. 


YTYIH has trained hundreds of young people through Youth Health Leadership Seminars since 1986, and engaged them in programs as youth peer educators. Former youth members are active in their various communities, and may have gone on to work in the education and health fields all armed with pertinent health knowledge and, more importantly, a strong sense of self-identify and self-confidence that enables them to be proactive in helping to improve their communities. Today, YTYIH operates a Youth Health Center in the Downtown area of Majuro, consisting of office and training space on the second floor, and clinic and counseling offices on the first floor. In addition, it operates a community youth center on its campus that is used for a variety of programs and activities. It also sponsors volleyball and basketball competitions on the sports court that are part of its facilities. All of these provide entry points for young people seeking additional services, and the clinic affords youth and others in Majuro clinic services in a community-based facility.

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