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Life Skills


Youth to Youth in Health was originally formed to address the rapid urbanization of the islands. Unique to this program was its focus on youth education and participation, not only in terms of targeting youth to teach them core lessons of family planning, but also utilizing youth in spreading the messages to the community and local schools through peer education. The program gradually expanded to incorporate issues of adolescent sexual and reproductive health (e.g. teenage pregnancy, STIs, HIV/AIDS, and contraceptive use), substance abuse, and suicide. Using a combination of clinical interventions, counseling, peer education, and community health promotion, Youth to Youth in Health has made a tremendous and unprecedented impact on the lives of youth and communities on the islands. 



Provide Safer Sex Intervention(SSI) Counseling:   is an individualized STI intervention program aimed at sexually active young women, ages 13-23, who have been diagnosed with an STI. The SSI framework is grounded in social Cognitive Theory, the Trans-theoretical Model of Behavior Change, and Principles of motivational interviewing. The overall goals are to reduce high risk behaviors, increase condom use and prevent the recurrence of STIs among sexually active young women. SSI was developed as a single-session intervention specifically for young women that would:

(a) capture their attention:

(b) deliver safer sex information; and 

(c) promote attitudinal and behavioral changes.


Provide Training on PFA to support following a disaster. it aims to reduce stress symptoms and assist in a healthy recovery following a traumatic event, natural disaster, public health emergency, act of terrorism, or personal crisis 

PFA Basic

Traumatic Stress Reaction

Interracting with the Survivor

When & Where to Refer

Responder self-Care


Youth to Youth in Health’s Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment (SAPT) Program provides prevention and treatment services for adolescents, youths, and adults.  SAPT Program services are available in Majuro at Youth to Youth in Health Office from Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm.  SAPT Program’s goal is to prevent and reduce the issue of substance use and abuse in the Marshall Islands.  Also, the program offers treatment services to any referred or walk-in clients who needs help with behavioral change for healthier lifestyle.   Treatment services that are offered to at-risk clients includes: counselling therapies (Behavioral Enhancement Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), mutual support groups, and referrals for further treatment services.  Counselor(s) are required to assure to the clients their rights including confidentiality before proceeding with treatment. 


Coordinate and taught an original health education program for students grade six through ten.



Every summer, Youth to Youth in Health conducts a Summer Youth Health Leadership Training Seminar for youths ages 15-25.  SYHLTS is open to youths who are interested in learning the importance of health (ejmour), Marshallese culture (manit), and spirituality (mour in jetob) in which are aspects of healthy living within the Marshallese people.  Youth participants receives important lectures from visiting organizations on the mentioned topics, do group works and presentations. They attend educational field trips on Majuro to obtain first-hand experience, visualization, and understanding of lectures.  Also, they are trained on dramas/plays for their “Show Time” event which will be opened for the public to enjoy. 

            Overall, SYHLTS is a great and fun tool to engage the youths.  It offers them the opportunity to be interactive and productive over their summer break.  It benefits the youths because they learn new and important lessons and experience new things such as site visiting; building confidence in speaking and performing in front of many people; building teamwork and communication skills; building drama and music skills; networking and building relationships with peers and service providers. 




Reaching out to school and community is one our main priorities to the organization. We visiting school in Majuro and the outer islands to deliver presentations to students about how to prevent teen pregnancy and HIV and sexually transmitted infections, and how to deal with substance abuse issues.


Republic of the Marshall Islands 

-Ministry of Health and Human Services                        -Ministry of  Cultural and Internal Affairs

 -Public School System                                                       -National Training Council         

-Kwajalein Atoll Local Government                                  -Majuro Atoll Local Government

-Waan Aelon in Majol                                                         -Women United Together Marshall Islands

-International Organization for Migration                     -Kumit Bobrae Coalitions

-Youth Services Bureau                                                        -Kwajalein Atoll Women's Club

-Marshall islands Red Cross Society                                 -Kwajalein Diabetes Coalition 

-Cancer Coalition                                                                 -Marshall Island Epidemiology Initiatives 

-Brighten the Rainbow LGBTQI+


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